Help Reduce E-Waste Footprint

Help Reduce E-Waste Footprint

Take Responsibility for Recycling your E-Waste.

Here’s how you can ensure that your E-Waste is recycled responsibly.

  • Discover an approved e-waste handler that uses a proper recycling process like we do.
  • Keep track of your e-waste and know where your electronic waste will end up and how it will get recycled. If possible ask your recycler to reuse or refurbish your electronic equipments if they are not able to recycle it.
  • Make sure that data are secure. Be responsive and be aware of the methods your e-waste recycler uses to destroy the data from the storage devices.
  • Ask for a certificate of recycling from recycler.
  • Tell everyone you know about how significant E-Waste recycling is. Share our website with your family and friends.
  • Donate your old electronic equipment whenever you can because there are people who need it but can’t afford it.
  • Find alternate usage of your gadgets. As mobile phone can be used for multiple purposes such as mp3 player, storage device, camera etc, so why to use other equipments unnecessarily.
  • Avoid upgrading of electronic devices at much faster rate. Oppose the advise to upgrade and replace mobile phone or other electronic gadget each time a new version comes to market with latest technology.

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